New Song "Sun" Available Now!

Album art by Micaela Frakes-Zieger

Album art by Micaela Frakes-Zieger

This song is massively different than any song I’ve ever released before, not just in terms of its sound, but the heart and story behind the song also. It’s a monument and testament to everything God has done in my life during this incredible season of my life.

In the past 7 months, I learned how to love and pour into others, I discovered what it’s like to walk in real joy and freedom, I found my voice and my confidence, I was miraculously healed from debilitating daily headaches, I walked through some really tough circumstances and discovered whole new levels of God’s love in the process, I found freedom from deeply-rooted issues and childhood wounds that I always thought I’d struggle with for the rest of my life, and most importantly, I entered into a very real friendship with Jesus, which has been the greatest thing ever. This song reflects and represents all of this, and that’s why it means so much to me. Every word was squeezed out of a season of very real growing pains, learning curves, and new revelation.

Friends, it would mean the world to me if you played this song and really listened hard to the lyrics. “Sun” by Alanah Sabatini can be found on iTunes/Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, and wherever else you get your music online.

“The Lord God is a sun.” - Psalm 84:11

“Praise the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits—who forgives all your sins and heals all your diseases, who redeems your life from the pit and crowns you with love and compassion, who satisfies your desires with good things.” - Psalm 103:2-5

Support me on Patreon for just a dollar a month!

Big news! I just launched a Patreon page for WAVECAT, my new music project!

What is Patreon, you ask?

Patreon is an awesome service that allows people to financially support their favorite content creators and get exclusive content in return. Creating content, such as music or videos, is very time-consuming work and almost all of it is unpaid, so Patreon seeks to help creators make a living in return for their hard work.

Why does WAVECAT need support?

Within the first month after the release of WAVECAT's debut EP "Beginnings," we shot up Reverbnation's regional charts and already have received numerous requests to play shows in the area. Needless to say, WAVECAT's future looks pretty promising, and I want to keep this momentum going. However, it can't keep growing or getting better without some help.

Here are some specific areas my Patreon contributions will go to:

Music Production Costs
Some of you may know that being a musician isn't cheap. Everything from software/plugins to instruments is an investment. I cut down costs tremendously by using my own home studio for all my recording, but that comes with its own set of costs: plugins, software upgrades, gear repair, etc. Additionally, in order to make tracks sound as good as possible, I hire third parties to mix and master most of the music I release, as well as hire a graphic designer to design a good majority of my album art.

Online Store Fees (iTunes, Spotify, etc.)
In order to have WAVECAT's music available for you on major online stores and streaming services, I get charged $50/year for each album or EP and $10/year for each single. The money I make from music sales and streams on these services is negligible (1 stream on Spotify is worth about $0.006), and because WAVECAT is still trying to get off the ground, I need help in order to keep this music online.

Software & Service Subscriptions
Thank goodness that my music production software and plugins were one-time payments, but other tools I use, like Photoshop (for some album art and social media graphics), SoundCloud Pro, and SquareSpace, charge me monthly or annually. Without these services, WAVECAT's online presence wouldn't be nearly as effective.

This is something I don't do yet, but will be able to once I have Patrons. Patreon contributions will help me boost posts to get the word out about WAVECAT on platforms like Instagram, ReverbNation, and more.

WAVECAT's Future
With Patreon’s help, I'll be able to move towards some exciting goals, such as playing local live shows, supporting independent graphic designers and videographers, and continually improving WAVECAT's quality of music. I'd also love to start making music live on Twitch or YouTube Live one day, so you guys can hang out with me in the music-making process. The possibilities are endless!

If you enjoy my music (or if you want to help support me financially as I finish school), consider signing up to be a patron of WAVECAT. The pricing tiers are easy ($1, $3, $5, or $10/month), and you will get exclusive merch and behind-the-scenes content in return for signing up. WAVECAT is something that I’m very proud of and that I see a lot of potential in, so I’m really excited to partner with you guys to keep it growing.

Join the WAVECAT fam and become a patron today!

Reckless Love Cover to be Featured on Reverbnation

It is with great excitement that I share this news with you: My new cover of Reckless Love, which has only been out for less than a week, earned a featured spot on ReverbNation's homepage AND caught the attention of their senior curating team!

Songs that earn a 7.5 (out of 10) rating or above on a crowd review get to be featured, and my Reckless Love cover made the cut with a 7.6 rating. My song is in the 93rd percentile of all ranked songs on ReverbNation, which is a big accomplishment! My feature slot will run for a week, starting on October 23rd.

Being noticed by ReverbNation's curation team is also very exciting. Being curated can open doors to all kinds of opportunities in the music industry, including (but not limited to) record deals, brand partnerships, and promotion to millions of listeners. I'm not sure what (if anything) will come from this, but it's a sign that I'm doing something right and that people are enjoying my music.

I'm very humbled and thankful for the opportunities that have been presented to me lately, and I'm looking forward to seeing where the next year takes me. To whoever may be reading this, thank you so much for supporting me and believing in me!