Post-RSW Life Update


Somehow, it has already been almost 2 months since I graduated the Radiant School of Worship. When I graduated, I knew things would be different, but I really had no idea the extent of things that would soon change in my life. As I’m writing this, it’s pretty late on a mid-July night, and I can’t sleep because of everything going on. I’m definitely right smack in the middle of one of those “transition seasons,” and it’s a whole lot to deal with and process.

For those of you keeping up with my life on social media, here’s a somewhat detailed update on how things are going for me :)

The first and most exciting change is that I’ll be staying here in Kalamazoo long-term. My original plan was to move back home upon graduating, but God made it clear that this new city is my home for a while. However, I will not be staying in the loft I lived in during RSW; I’ll be moving into a cute house closer to downtown with a couple of friends. I’m very excited to live with roommates for the first time and be within walking distance of my work and my favorite coffee shop.

Speaking of work, I recently got a part-time job at a cool piano store downtown called the Kalamazoo Piano Company. My boss is an experienced piano technician who is also one of the kindest and most helpful humans I’ve ever met, and I’ve spent the past month helping her out in the shop and learning all kinds of things from her on the job. For instance, last week she taught me how to fix a broken piano string without replacing the string altogether. I’ve always loved fixing things and working with my hands, so it’s a really fun job so far! I just started helping her out with their social media as well, and I’ll be helping with piano sales starting this week too.
I really have no idea what my career goals are at this point in my life (I mean, I was working on building marketing experience for 3 years, and then God suddenly took me to a worship school, and now I’m learning how to be a piano technician… so who knows), but for now, I’m really enjoying what I do.
On top of this, I am still tuning pianos independently, and I’m also thinking about starting to teach piano/keys lessons after I move into the new house. I’ve never taught lessons before, but I already have a few friends interested in learning from me, so I'm excited to give it a shot.

In the fall, I will be working with the next Radiant School of Worship class as the Lead Prayer Coach, which means I’ll be scheduling student-led worship teams for the prayer room, and working alongside RSW staff to critique students after each set and help them grow as musicians/worship leaders. This is my first serious leadership role that involves teaching and discipling, and I’m both excited and a little nervous. It’s an honor to work with the school, though, and I’m so thankful to be a part of it.

In addition to everything, I’m serving regularly on Radiant Church’s worship team as a keyboardist, bassist, and worship leader. It’s such a privilege to be able to serve here, surrounded by such incredibly talented people. Thanks to being on this team, I’m still growing so much as a musician and worship leader, even though I’m done with the worship school. I love being around people who are always pushing me to get better.
I have been leading worship a lot more these days too, mostly in the prayer room, but I also had the awesome opportunity to be a guest worship leader at Radiant Bay City. I never thought of myself as a worship leader before, so it’s interesting to see leadership opportunities come my way like this. It’s both exciting and kind of terrifying, haha.

To be honest, things have been messy in my personal life and mental health lately, but through it all, I find it so helpful to remember moments from my year at RSW: my baptism, getting miraculously healed, deep conversations with friends, transformative moments in worship, stuff like that. Those moments serve as great reminders of God’s goodness and faithfulness no matter what’s happening around me. It’s making me extra thankful for all the journals I kept, photos I took, and songs I wrote throughout my time at school.

That about sums it up, I think, at least for now. Thank you guys for continuing to love on me and support me, even if it’s from afar. I’m so thankful for each and every one of you!