RSW Blog #4: Feels like home already


It has been 2 weeks since I moved to Kalamazoo, and 1 week since I started school. So much has happened during that time. I won’t be able to go into all of it, but I’ll tell you about the most important part: the people.

I’ve always had a hard time making friends and connecting with people, so naturally, one of my biggest fears about moving was the possibility of not fitting in here at all. But from the moment I arrived here 2 weeks ago, I have been making deep connections with everyone. That’s not an exaggeration— every classmate, every staff member, and even my landlords and I have shared some really great conversations and moments.

  • My landlords are the sweetest and most helpful people alive. They occasionally texted me to make sure I was doing okay during the few days after I moved in, and they were kind enough to invite me over and make me dinner last week. They have also been extremely helpful with recommending places to eat and stuff to do around town. It’s really cool that I can call these people my friends. :)

  • The RSW staff members are all so genuine, humble, and caring. I have been prayed over so many times since starting school, and every word prayed has been prophetic and life-giving. I already feel seen, valued, and loved here.

  • My classmates already feel like my best friends. Never before have I experienced true unity in Christ like I have with these people. At our fall retreat this past week, we came as 21 strangers with very different backgrounds, interests, and stages of life—but we prayed together, worshiped together, studied the Bible together, and enthusiastically supported each other for 3 days, and we came out of it feeling like family. I am genuinely so excited to do life with them and grow together over the next 8 months.

This is clearly where God wants me to be, and if I had any doubt about that before moving here, all of that doubt is gone. Sterling Heights, MI was a great place to grow up, but Kalamazoo has already given me a feeling of “home” that I have never experienced before. Not at all what I was expecting to happen :)