New EP Coming Soon

old overflow art.jpg

I officially announced this back in October before things got crazy with Christmastime, but here it is again: I’ve been working on new music and I’m gonna be releasing it in the form of an EP called “Overflow” sometime in 2017. My sound has evolved and my recording/producing skills have definitely improved, so this is going to be much different than Where Feet May Fail, but in a good way.

The name Overflow refers to the outpouring of love and provision that God has so graciously been giving me over the past few months. When I tried to run away, I discovered that he ran next to me, not to keep me in line but just to be right there, ready to catch me if I fell. When I tried to do things my own way, he let me, but welcomed me back every time I messed stuff up. He provided for me even when I paid NO attention to him whatsoever. I could go on and on. I don’t deserve this overflow of love, but he still generously pours it out on me without end. That is the driving force behind this music, and it’s what I hope you will hear and feel when you listen to it.

I can’t give you a timeline just yet; this EP is a story, and there are still pieces of that story missing. But be patient! I’ll try to post previews and updates when I can, without revealing too much  I’m really excited about this and I thank you in advance for following along with me in this journey and supporting my music.

In the meantime, check out my other music (some of it is free!) and watch my Facebook page for updates!

The latest update is the completion of the album art; check it out at the top of this post!