Happy Anniversary, Where Feet May Fail!

January 15th marks 1 year since my first full-length album was released!

It was a momentous day. I remember waking up so excited to check iTunes and see if it was up there. I received an overwhelming amount of support from friends and strangers alike, and later that day I had a bunch of friends packed in my house, drinking hot cocoa with me as we listened to the album and prayed over it together. It was one of the greatest and most exciting days of my life. Since then, Where Feet May Fail has been downloaded hundreds of times from all over the internet, which blows my mind to this day. It was (and still is) surreal to sometimes hear my friends playing my music from their music library on their phones or from their Spotify playlists.

That being said, I want to say a huge THANK YOU to every single one of you who bought or listened to Where Feet May Fail over the past year, or even just cheered me on during its creation. It was a big milestone, and I wouldn’t have reached it if it weren’t for your support.

To celebrate, I will be offering Where Feet May Fail for FREE on BandCamp on January 15th only. If you haven’t gotten it yet, go grab it!