Announcements/Life Update!

new studio.jpg

I realized today that I haven’t updated this blog since February. While I never intended on keeping this blog updated super regularly, I just can’t wrap my mind around how fast time has flown by. So now as we go into June (gosh, it’s Junealready), I have a few exciting updates and things to tell you!

First of all, my album is nearing its final stages! I don’t have a release date just yet, but I’m aiming to get it out there sometime in late summer-fall. You guys are going to love this new music; a few of the songs have words in them, and there are plenty of instrumental tracks as well. I’m very proud of the sounds I’ve created and the words I have written, and I can’t wait to get the finished product into your hands!

Secondly, I’ve been upgrading my gear! I just recently got a new desk, which may not seem like that big of a deal, but you’d understand if you saw my teeny old desk. I also got a brand new Shure SM7B microphone, and I am blown away at how great it sounds. This week I used it to record vocals for a friend’s upcoming album, and we were both amazed at its clarity and tone. I got a new vocal tuning plugin as well. Stepping up my vocal game!

Thirdly, I’m gonna be making videos! (Well, at least I’m going to try.) A few years ago I posted on Facebook asking if anyone would be interested in a series of how-to videos that teach how to play keys in a band and/or in a church setting, and I got a ton of great responses. It never happened, though – I was in high school at the time, and I just didn’t have the time or the equipment necessary to make those videos. But now, I’ve got the time and the equipment, and I’m starting to put together a plan to make those videos! I still have a few things to figure out before I can get started so I really don’t know when you can expect to start seeing them, but I’ll be keeping you updated. (Like me on Facebook to see those updates!)

Lastly – I wasn’t going to include this, but I thought you all should know that I’m no longer the keyboardist in the Stereo Kings cover band. With having to play in church at 7:30am every Sunday morning, staying up until 2am on a Saturday night to play a show at a bar was so difficult. Even just being in a bar itself was honestly too much for me as well, and I found myself dreading every single gig we had. While I believe it’s important to push yourself and to do things that are outside of your comfort zone, I think there’s a fine line between that and forcing yourself to do something that isn’t meant for you to do. I grew so much from the experience and I’m thankful for the opportunity, but I realized that it wasn’t meant for me; I’m the quiet introvert who hates popular music and goes to bed at 9:30pm, and that kind of band needs an enthusiastic person who loves people and loves the kind of music they play. The guys (and gal) in the Stereo Kings are incredibly talented and they deserve a keyboardist who can give their 100% to the band, and that just wasn’t me.

That’s it for now! A lot of great things are in store for the summer and I’m excited to see them come to life. Thank you, as always, for your continued support and encouragement as I do the things I love!